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At the start of the 2nd half of 2009, numerous issues have rocked the nation – Con-Ass, bombings, rumored emergency rule and palace coup, and many more. Along with allied organizations, Partido Lakas ng Masa has launched corresponding campaigns to confront these issues.

Anti Con-Ass Campaign!

anti con-ass

The PLM unwaveringly condemned the Lower House of Congress in ramming through HR 1109. PLM has been an active agent in mobilizing the masses in showing opposition to the sinister Congress plot. During the June 10 mobilization in Makati against the Con-Ass, PLM and other allied organizations raised the slogan “Con-Ass Ibasura! Wakasan ang Paghahari ng mga Trapo”.

PLM and its allied organizations are preparing and gearing up towards the ‘last’ SONA of GMA on July 27, to show its resistance against the recent initiative to change the constitution under the GMA regime.


Anti Trapo Campaign!

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The Anti Trapo Campaign strives to educate and mobilize the people against the decaying trapo and elite political system in our country. PLM has initiated series of actions targeting trapo politicians and institutions like the office of the First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. The party has also organized numerous municipal and local forums to raise the consciousness of the masses on the political system and to present alternatives on the trapo rule.


No to Emergency Rule and Coup Campaign!


The recent spate of bombings and the growing atmosphere of lawlessness and fear could be used as a pretext for the rumored declaration of Emergency Rule and Palace Coup hatched by the GMA regime. Recent pronouncements of Drilon and JDV, both former allies of GMA, that the wave of bombings were part of a palace plan to create a scenario that would perpetuate GMA’s stay in power, through extra constitutional means, lent credence to the plot.

The PLM, along with its allied organizations, is spearheading a grassroots campaign to raise people’s awareness on the issue and to mobilize the masses against any plan by the GMA regime to stay indefinitely in power.


Government of the Masses Campaign!


With the GMA government steadfast in clinging unto power at all cost – through ‘constitutional’ and extra constitutional means – the call to oust GMA and an end to trapo and elite regime is slowly gathering steam. The campaign for a Government of the Masses posits an alternative form of government that the masses have long been fighting for. The experiences in the two Edsa uprisings, and the failed Edsa Tres, have shown that the masses cannot rely on the trapos and the elite to carry forward the promised changes in the political and economic system of the country. What we need is a government of the masses, for the masses, and by the masses to do these.




Join the Campaigns!


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Anti Trapo Campaign!


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Government of the Masses Campaign!

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