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A new party is born. A party for our times.

A party of Change! A party of Socialism!

“Pare-pareho lamang silang trapo!
Mangungurakot na naman yan!
Bobolahin na naman nila tayo!”

Sounds really familiar. We have heard this expression from people of all walks of life time and again. An automatic response, when one is asked about a certain politician or politicians in general.

For decades, generations of politicians from the same clan and some new ones have been deceiving the masses. Every election for them has been an opportunity to make more promises. And after every election, all these remain just that – promises.

For almost a century, these trapos (traditional politicians) have failed to provide for the needs of the people. They have failed to provide for employment of the labor force, lower cost of food and services for the poor, affordable housing, land for the landless farmers and agricultural workers, education for the young, hospital care, and more… They failed to provide good future for the next generations and security for our elders. They are utter failures.

Through their political parties, these trapos have controlled the politics of our nation for ages. From the Nacionalista and Liberal party before, the KBL during the dark days of marital rule, to Kampi, Lakas-NUCD, LDP, Erap’s PMP, Nacionalista Party and others in recent times, they all represent nothing more than the perpetuation of the self- interest of the elite of our country, the capitalists and hacienderos.

Their decades of reign are the very reason why government institutions of our nation have stayed the same in its callous response to the voices and demands of the people, particularly the majority that are marginalized. These institutions are rotting and decaying.

The trapos are not part of the solution to our problems. They are in fact part of the problem. They have become a stumbling block to our development as a nation.

It is in this light that the establishment of a new party of the working masses, the urban poor and the rural poor, the professionals and the OFWs, becomes an imperative today.

A new party is born: Partido Lakas ng Masa

Partido Lakas ng Masa is the party that embraces the aspiration of the poor and the working masses against the bondage of poverty and crisis brought about by ‘globalization’.

A party that will tirelessly put the interest of the masa at the forefront and determinedly put a break on the neo-liberal policies and programs of the present regime. A party that will put to an end to graft and corruption that has become prevalent at all levels of government due to trapo rule.

If the trapos and the elite have political parties to advance their interests, the working masa will now have their own party. A party of the masa for the new millennium.

A party of change and socialism

PLM believes that the economic and political system of the trapos and the elite of our country is rotten to the core. It needs to be replaced. The greedy capitalist system in the country has worsened the poverty and misery that mark the lives of the working masa for decades. It also made our country extremely vulnerable to the global economic crisis and the dictates of big foreign multinational companies and banks.

PLM believes that socialism remains the only alternative to the capitalist chronic crisis and poverty. The party envisions a society that the fruits of labor of the working masses are enjoyed by the masses themselves, and not by the few elite and trapos in our contry. PLM aspires for a government of the masa, for the masa, and by the masa. A society where people’s interest takes priority over profits and interest of the few.

Be an agent of change! Be part of the party!




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