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It was the second of June when the nation tasted, not for the first time, a potent dose of mockery when trapos are at work.

Anti Trapo June 10Clad in sleek suits or fancy gowns, they committed a crime more glamorously than classic thieves in stocking-ed heads or bonnets and machine guns. After all, they are our honorable representathieves from the halls of Congress. More precious than a pot of gold however, what they took away was the long-fought principle that true power resides in the people. Since the first initiative to change the constitution, several regimes ago, Filipinos have vigilantly resisted. By an overnight session, these trapos have managed to pass a resolution convening a constituent assembly to change the constitution.

The reward wasn’t bad. According to reliable sources, each representathieve received a minimum of P20 million payola for an ‘aye’. Not bad at all. That’s a resounding P4.2 billion of people’s money for the 211 trapo representathieves who voted yes for Con-Ass.

Alas, this incident is not an isolated case. We have witnessed too many greedy acts of the trapos committed at the peoples’ expense.

While the trapos may vary in their viciousness, the point is that:

First, the people deserve better. Some trapos may be benign and modernizing, but even the monarchy of the old days have kings and queens which were benign and modernizing. But even then, who needs a monarchy/dynasty-type of rule today?

Secondly, the trapos/the trapo clans have been given all the opportunities in the world to serve in government. In fact, the government has become them. The trapos have become the government, and the ways of the trapos have become the ways of the government.

While monopolizing power, the trapos have failed to provide for the needs of the people. They have failed to provide for employment for the labor force, they have failed to provide affordable food and services for the poor, affordable housing, land for the landless farmers and agricultural workers, education for the young people, hospital care, and others. They are a failure. They have become the stumbling block to development. They in fact have become the problems, and not a solution.

Can we really afford to ignore that? As we gear towards 2010 elections, the trapo show will undoubtedly be at full swing again Makukuntento na lamang ba tayo na gawin silang pampulutan sa tuwing may inuman o may salu salo? . Can we get by with our daily lives and tolerate their continuous reign?

Trapo ni Gloria

In the end, it is really us - the factory workers, the call center agents, the bank employees, the teachers, the bus drivers, the government employees, the foot soldiers, the street vendors, the yuppies, the taxi drivers, small business proprietors, tricycle drivers, the church people, the salesmen and sales ladies, the urban poor dwellers, the peasants and agri workers, the security guards, the indigenous peoples, and the students - who will pay the price for their mockery.

What we are saying is that Enough is enough. Sobra na, tama na. Pagbabago na. No more trapos in 2010!




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