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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Thursday, 25 August 2011 07:41

Establish a genuine peoples power government, not a puppet regime, in Libya!

Stop bombing civilian populations in Tripoli, prioritize humanitarian assistance and save OFW lives!

No to Western powers occupation of Libya!

We are witnessing the end of the Gaddafi regime and the crucial question now is the nature of the government that comes after Gaddafi: will it be a genuinely democratic government that represents the popular will of the Libyan people?

Unlike the successful peoples power uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt which ended the brutal dictatorships of Ben Ali and Mubarak, the end of the Gaddafi regime has been brought about not by civilian peoples power, but a military victory in a civil war backed by military intervention of the Western powers – NATO and the United States. The military intervention by Western powers in Libya sets a dangerous precedence and is an attempt to derail the peoples power uprisings against dictatorships in the Arab world. Tunisia and Egypt set the example of the peoples movement starting to take control of the destiny of their country: in Libya the military conflict has had the effect of disempowering peoples power, by shifting the relationship of forces toward who has stronger military power.

Therefore scepticism and concern amongst progressive forces about the character of the Benghazi-based Transition National Council, which will be the basis for the new ruling power in Libya and its dependency on the Western imperialist powers, is understandable. Will it be a mere “puppet regime”, as in Afghanistan and Iraq, or will it be a genuinely independent and sovereign regime representing the will of the Libyan people?

PLM believes that for post-Gaddafi rule in Libya to be truly representative of the democratic aspirations of the Libyan people, the US and NATO powers should now get out of Libya. We also demand that NATO immediately stops the bombardment of Tripoli and its civilian population. Humanitarian aid must be delivered as a priority to the civilians in the city. We call on the Philippine government to support this call as an immediate and urgent measure to protect Filipino OFWs stranded in the city.

Already there are discussions in Washington about the need for “boots on the ground”, i.e. troop presence to restore ‘stability’. Such plans must be opposed. On the contrary, we believe that the continuing NATO and US intervention will increase instability and will lead to another Iraq-type situation: a complete destruction of the economy, sectarian and tribal in-fighting, extreme insecurity for the civilian population and an overall decline of Libyan society.

There are reports that Western troops are already on the ground and that NATO commanders and units are leading military operations in the field. The UK Guardian reports of special British forces and SAS troops participating in military operations in the field.

Any ongoing presence of NATO troops will only aid the geo-political and economic interests of the Western powers. They want a Libyan government that will allow  Western bases, that is supportive of Israel and its colonization of the Palestinian peoples and which ensures lucrative profits for Western oil corporations. Already there are reports of Italy’s Eni oil company executives having arrived in Tripoli as the jockeying for positioning to carve up lucrative Libyan oil assets begins. Eni has issued a statement hailing the end of Gaddafi’s rule and warning Russian and Chinese firms of contract revisions. Reuters reports that the Italian Foreign Minister has been cited in Tripoli.

PLM supports the establishment of a genuinely independent, sovereign and democratic government, imbued with and representing genuine peoples power in Libya. This means ‘No!’ to Western troops on the ground and a withdrawal of NATO and US forces from Libya now.

August 24, 2011






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