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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Friday, 25 April 2014 06:41

Obama Visit, Not in our People’s Interest!


The Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), a political party of the marginalized sectors, protests the upcoming visit to Manila by US President Barack Obama.  The visit is designed to strengthen US hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region both in the economic and the military arenas.

In the economic arena, the intention is to seal the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) with 11 other countries including the Philippines. TPPA aims to enhance the interests of the US corporations over Asian capital. The Agreement seeks to extend medicine patents, strengthen intellectual property rights for the benefit of US corporations, tear down all protectionist policies of the developing countries, and allow corporations to sue sovereign states and trample on labor and environmental safeguards.

In the military arena, the Obama visit is in line with the US military “pivot” (now called “rebalancing”) to Asia. The rebalancing is designed to advance US economic and geopolitical interests in the region and to encircle and contain its potential economic rivals in the region, especially China.

The “pivot” plan is aimed at moving at least 60% of US warships from anywhere in the world to patrol Asia. It entails increasing US military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, the construction of new US bases in Japan, South Korea and Guam, and the deployment of increasing number of ‘rotational troops’ and war materials in Australia and the Philippines. This year, the US is deploying 1,150 troops in Australia, which is expected to increase to 2,500 by 2016.

The Obama visit is also designed to fast track a new bilateral pact disguised as “Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement” which gives a de facto military basing right to the United States military in the Philippines. The agreement allows the US armed forces to station their troops and munitions and set up their own exclusive facilities within the AFP camp in the Philippines.

It is no wonder that the visit also coincides with Congress attempts to effect a “cha-cha” or a charter change (amendments to the Philippine constitution) in order to remove all restrictions to foreign investment. It paves the way for the Philippines to join the one-sided TPPA agreement.

While the US is playing up the territorial disputes in the Spratlys and other islands in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) by favouring the Philippines and other Asian countries against China, the US is merely interested in gaining control of the sea lanes for economic and military hegemony. And while media has been focusing on the developing tensions between US and China, both countries are increasing their economic and military relations. US investment in China totaled more than 70 billion dollars, while Chinese investment in US totaled about 10 billion dollars today. The US alone has some 1.28 trillion-dollar debt to China. The two countries have also agreed to continue to stage military exercises in disaster relief, fighting piracy and maritime rescue in the coming years.

Partido Lakas ng Masa calls on the people to protest President Obama’s visit. It is not in the Filipino people’s interest to welcome him. He is coming to Manila with evil wishes and evil plans. Let us frustrate these.


Partido Lakas ng Masa

April 25, 2014


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