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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Saturday, 26 April 2014 12:21

ATIN Launch

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Press Statement

WE ARE the marginalized in Philippine society and politics.  We advocate for change in society and government.  We now offer an Alternative to our people.


Political parties, social movements, people’s organizations, and civil society from among the basic masses have banded together to take back what should have been for our people – a government of the masses where people’s democracy is the rule of law, an equitable society founded on social justice where the working peoples are the ones who would reap the fruits of their labor, and a nation that is founded on national unity without discrimination and oppression.


We now launch a people’s alternative, our alternative.  It is OURS.  ATIN – Alliance for Truth, Integrity and Nationalism.  It is the alliance that will end traditional politics.  It is the alliance that will end elitist monopoly of political power.  It is the alliance that will end political dynasties of the ruling elite in this country.


We cannot anymore live in the past if we hope to get our country back on its feet.  For centuries, our country and our people have been hapless victims of a social and political order that cater only to the interests and caprices of the few.  For so long, we have witnessed how successive governments, from the national government in Manila to local governments in far-flung areas, have squandered their mandates to serve the people, and instead, have plundered the nation’s wealth for personal and selfish gains. Economy grows but unemployment and poverty remains high.


Democratic institutions and free elections have been established but there has never been direct people’s participation in policy development and decisions in all levels of government.


We have one of the world’s best technocratic minds from among our young professionals but they continue to flock to foreign lands for better gainful employment.


The rich natural resources of our archipelago, the seas, the farmlands, the mountains, the forests, the mineral deposits, all remain productive despite decades of wasteful exploitation by foreign and local corporate greed.


The Filipino spirit is endowed with vibrant patriotism, strong family and communal bonds, and an indomitable will to live on while enduring a rotten system and government that have never cared for nor listen to their needs and aspirations.


It is the 21st century and the Philippines remains a basket case in Asia. It has to end now.


The Filipino people must take a stand now to REBUILD the Filipino nation with integrity, dignity, honesty, community and with a shared “will to greatness.”


Committed to our vision and resolute in our purpose, we therefore endeavor ourselves to:


R – estore sacredness in public service and governance

E – stablish a modern and dignified Filipino nation

B – uild an economy that produces its own durable goods

U – ndertake popularization of ownership of resources and what we consume

I – nstitute a lasting peace based on justice and equity

L – ive our lives in accord with our Faith

D- einstitutionalize all vestiges of colonial and feudal arrangements


It is our fervent hope that our people will heed our timely call to action. It is time that we, the people, take what is OURS.  The time, indeed, is now.


Alliance for Truth, Integrity and Nationalism


25 April 2014

Quezon City


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