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Friday, 02 May 2014 18:18

PLM Statement on May 1, 2014


WHILE workers all over the globe celebrate International Labor Day today, the Filipino workers march in protest against the policies of the Noynoy Aquino regime that favor the interest of the imperialist countries and big international corporations, rather than its own people.

For this year alone, the Aquino government has implemented and pursued the following:


The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA)

The EDCA, issued during the recent visit to Manila by US President Barack Obama, allows the US military forces to set up base and to pre-position or deploy their war materials in any camps of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) across the country, free of charge. The EDCA agreement is clearly unconstitutional as the 1987 Philippine Constitution prohibit the establishment of foreign military base, together with the storing of nuclear weapons in the country.  It was in 1992 that the last bastions of US military bases in the country were dismantled by virtue of a Philippine Senate decision. Today, EDCA was a gift given to Obama by the Aquino administration in their attempt to circumvent Philippine prohibition on setting up of foreign military bases and frustrate the will of the Filipino people.

The EDCA agreement was justified by the Aquino government as a move to counter China’s bullying tactics on the disputed islands in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea). But during Obama’s visit, the former even stated that the US will not intervene in the disputes and all that it wants is a free transport and patrol zone in the high seas. Obama also insinuated that China and the US have their own economic and military agreements that are far more important than its agreement in the Philippines.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

The TPP is a free trade agreement that is being pushed by the US with eleven other countries in the Asia-Pacific.  While experience has shown that trade agreements like TPP can only serve the interests of big capitalist powers – in this case the US, Canada, Japan and Australia – the Aquino government has come begging the US government to join the TPP. In Aquino’s view, joining the TPP will allow the Philippines to receive some crumbs that will come out of big profits and gains to be amassed by the big economic players in the region.


The Cha-cha

To ensure that the Philippines will be able to join the TPP and other “free trade” agreements with the capitalist powers, the Aquino government has ordered its minions in Congress, through House Speaker Sonny Belmonte, to push for Cha-cha (charter change) or amendments to the Constitution. The
Cha-cha intends to expunge from the Constitution all provisions that still protect national economy and patrimony, such as the prohibition on land ownership by foreigners and the 40% ceiling on foreign equity participation on public utility business.

The Cha-cha might just be the coup de grace for the dismantling of all protectionist measures in the country. Even with the constitutional limitations on foreign domination of the economy, the Aquino government has already allowed foreign capital to control several businesses in the country.


The Salim Group

A case in point is the Salim Group of Companies, headed by Indonesian capitalist Anthoni Salim whose fortunes reportedly come from the loots of Indonesian dictator Suharto. The Salim Group’s frontman in the Philippines is businessman Manny Pangilinan who chairs the Metro Pacific Investments.

Through Pangilinan, the Salim Group is able to hold extensive control of a number of Philippine corporations like the telecommunications monopoly PLDT, the electricity behemoth Meralco, water distributor Maynilad, Smart and Sun Communications, tollways NLEX, TV 5, newspapers Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In 2011, the Philippine Supreme Court ruled that telecommunications PLDT was violating the 40% foreign equity investment through the Salim Group. But up to now, the PLDT continues to operate under the domination of Indonesian capital disguised as ‘Filipino’ corporation.

People should know that President Aquino and his clan have extensive shares in the businesses mentioned above. This is also the reason why Manny Pangilinan has been receiving the choice projects given by the Aquino administration through the PPP (Public-Private Partnership). While Aquino has been hammering on anti-corruption campaign in the government, the truth is that he is himself immersed in such anomalies.


Government of Elite and Capitalists

The Aquino government has been clearly favouring the interests of foreign imperialist powers and big foreign corporations. In this manner, the Filipino elite, represented by Aquino and those in power, receive their share of profits and benefits reserved for the local minions of the imperialist powers. Nowhere is the interest of the Filipino people been taken into account in these relationships between the elite of the imperial centers and the elite in the country.

We have to sever the ties that oppress us.  We need to free ourselves from the clutches of imperialist exploitation and oppression.  And for this to happen, we have to dismantle the government that is still controlled by the hacenderos, the trapos, and the elite class in the country, such as what we have today. Only through a government of the masses can we liberate our country and our people from the miseries and privations they are subjecting us today.

Mayo 1, 2014

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