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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 11:59
A new political alliance calling themselves the new people’s alternative, was launched at the historic Club
Filipino this Friday, May 16, 2014.  ATIN or Alliance for Truth, Integrity and Nationalism has called for
the resignation of all those named in the Napoles pork barrel scam.


From at least three lists now being circulated and mentioned in news reports on the pork barrel scam, more
than half of the current members of the Philippine Senate have been implicated, including as well several
members of the Aquino cabinet, most especially the Budget Secretary who issues release orders for these
lump sum appropriations, and members of the House of Representatives, past and present.  Clearly, the
once august halls of Philippine Congress is more and more tainted with the slime of corruption, thievery,
dishonesty, and utter lack of integrity.  It is no longer misconduct committed in dark alleys.  It is misconduct
publicly, boastfully and daringly committed with full authority and impunity.


Ricardo L. Penson, President of Partido Lakas ng Masa, and lead convenor of the new alternative political
alliance was quoted as saying:


“There can be no other more fitting words to express our disgust, frustrations and protestations at the
present state of governance in our country.  There are no words to describe the utter failure of supposed
democratic institutions which our heroic people have painstakingly built and established with their blood,
sweat and labor.  Billions of pesos plundered without shame, national patrimony and sovereignty stripped
bare and raped in broad daylight, social rehabilitation in devastated areas in southern Philippines stalled in
boardrooms of delays, foot-dragging, callous bureaucratic procedures, and simple inefficiency and
incompetence.  Monopolies and cronies walking the corridors of the Palace extracting deals and contracts
to favor those in the inner circles of power.


"Occupants of Malacañang and both Houses of Congress, all elected public officials have miserably failed
the Filipino people.  This is not simply a failure of leadership.  This is a failure of institutions.  A failure
of government.


“We declare the Senate an inutile institution, a white elephant with no more value and yet remains a
burden to the nation.  We declare the Senate a malfunctioning institution that needs to be overhauled.
We declare the Senate no more.


"In the spirit of nationalism, integrity and truth, in the interest of the nation, we demand all named in the
pork barrel plunder to resign – Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet members.  Vacate your office and let the
people decide on your replacements,” Penson added with disgust, frustration and protestation.  He further
emphasized with high hopes: “It is our time to call on our people to action, and take back what is ours,
ATIN ito!”'


The group calls on all well-meaning individuals, social movements and political organizations of the
marginalized sectors, particularly the workers and the poor, to band together to form the people’s
alternative to challenge the ruling parties of the elite, the political dynasties and the corrupt.


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