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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Monday, 01 September 2014 15:25

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Don’t use our soldiers as cannon fodder in foreign wars


Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) applauds the bravery and ingenuity of our soldiers for escaping capture and preventing the escalation of hostilities while under fire in the Syrian Golan Heights. They were placed in an extremely dangerous situation in a highly unstable part of the world, in a conflict that we have no stake in.

The Golan Heights is a border region of Syria that has been under partial Israeli occupation since 1967. This occupation is illegal. The US and other Western powers have used their disproportionate influence over the UN to allow Israel to remain unaccountable for its numerous violations of international law, including the 7-week genocidal assault on Gaza that ended on August 26, when Palestinian resistance forced Israel to agree to a ceasefire.

It also includes Israel's 47-year-old occupation of Syrian territory. The UN “peacekeeping” force has provided a buffer between Syrian and Israeli forces and so has essentially been protecting Israel's illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan heights.

Despite its anti-Israel rhetoric, the dictatorship of the Assad dynasty in Syria has been half-hearted in its opposition to this long-term occupation of its territory by Israel. In early 2011, there was an uprising against the dictatorship. To protect their interests and to stop the uprising taking the direction of a people's revolution, the US and other Western and regional powers have supported religious fundamentalist armed groups. This has had the effect of creating a horrific multi-sided civil war in Syria creating millions of refugees.

It is this outside intervention in the Syrian crisis that has put the UN “peacekeepers” in danger. The rebel group involved is believed to be affiliated to the Al-Qaeda-aligned Nusra Front. The US has cynically listed this group as a terrorist organization, while covertly allowing it to receive arms and material support.

While the Filipino UN peacekeepers are now safe, continued military alliance with the US creates a danger of more Filipino soldiers being put in harm’s way. It also compromises our national security and undermines national sovereignty.

While the Aquino government has agreed not to redeploy Filipino troops to the Golan Heights when their tour of duty ends in October, this is too late. The Partido Lakas ng Masa calls for an immediate end to Filipino soldiers being used as cannon fodder in conflicts that we have no stake in -- NOW.


Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM)

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