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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 22:00

[Note: The execution of Mary Jane Veloso is postponed so she could be a witness against

the drug traffickers that used her as a mule. The reprieve is a victory of people's mounting

pressures to the governments of the Philippines and Indonesia to review the Mary Jane

Veloso case and let justice be served.]


STOP the Execution of Mary Jane Veloso!

Justice for All Victims of Trafficking!


We have appealed, pleaded, demanded and campaigned to save Mary Jane Veloso from being

executed. Although the clock is now fast ticking by, we will not give up our campaign.


It is clear that Mary Jane is the victim in this story. She is but an unwitting errand girl used

by the drug cartel bosses.


And even if her execution goes ahead, Mary Jane’s story will not end. The desperate poverty

faced by many of our people means that there are potentially many more Mary Janes out there,

who will be driven into the arms of unscrupulous drug traffickers, with the deadly hope that this

will be an avenue to feed and care for their families.


So our vigil is for Mary Jane and all those other potential Mary Janes out there, in the Philippines

and elsewhere. A majority of those trafficked are women and many of them as drug mules from

Third World countries.


To combat illegal drugs, we have to go directly to its source.  The bosses of the cartels use their

money, influence, and political connections to continue their deadly trade. They go scot free,

protected by a corrupt political and judicial system, defended by their private armies, while their

petty couriers bear the brunt of any punishment meted out by the state when caught.


While we appeal to the Indonesian government and President Widodo to stop the execution, we

also want to put the spotlight squarely on our own government: from President Noynoy Aquino

and Vice-President Binay, to the DFA and other agencies.


Mr. President, if serious inroads are made into reducing poverty in the country, then there will be

very few or no Mary Janes.


This means putting an end to the export labor policy and creating permanent jobs at home,

providing workers with a living wage, massive funding for anti-poverty programs, health care and

education, to name but a few priority areas. It means ending this system of corruption and plunder,

which benefit only the political elite.


Therefore, yes, we must also hold our own government responsible for Mary Jane’s plight. We need

a government that is genuinely committed to the poor and the masa. We need a true government

of the masa.


April 28, 2015.





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