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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 12:02

Here are PLM Solidarity Greetings from Sweden, Germany (Die Linke), Australia (Socialist Alliance), Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), and Laban ng Masa











Message of Solidarity to PLM on its Third Congress

From Walden Bello, National Chairman, Laban ng Masa


Dear Comrades: I would like to extend Laban ng Masa’s warmest greetings to PLM on the occasion of its Third Congress.


PLM has been a central actor in the formation of Laban ng Masa from its origins in the 2016 campaign for the Senate to its formation in October of last year.  And as Laban ng Masa continues its journey to become the central actor of the Philippine Left, the insights and experiences of PLM activists derived from years of engagement in mass struggles will continue to play a crucial role in our development.


Today we face the challenge of heading off the rapid movement of the Duterte administration towards full-blown dictatorship.  In its first year and six months in office, over 13,000 of our people were murdered in cold blood in the name of the so-called war on drugs.  After employing the tactics of blitzkrieg fascism to terrorize the people, the regime is now engaged in its mopping up operations, that is, shutting down the critical press, ending the separation of powers, and coming up with a constitution that will be federalist in rhetoric but authoritarian in essence.


Over the last year and a half, while some forces on the Left joined the administration and others were discredited by their association with the yellow forces, PLM, Laban ng Masa, and other progressive formations have been unrelenting in our opposition to Duterte’s drive towards open fascist rule.  We joined hands in the streets and took every opportunity to warn the people about the dangers of a return to the past, to the years of the Marcos dictatorship.


PLM and Laban ng Masa have been aware, however, that it is not enough to condemn the Duterte administration for its abuses of human rights and democratic rights.  People must realize that there is an alternative to fascism, and that this is not a return to the failed elite democracy that reigned from 1986 till 2016, a regime that was marked by deep inequality, the absence of real democracy, and corruption.  The way forward, we have said firmly, is not to go back to the immediate past but forward to the future, towards socialism.  This socialism that we espouse and to which we are fighting to get the rest of our people to join us is a socialism that is participatory, democratic, and radical in its demands for justice and equality.  There is no other viable answer to fascism but socialism.  There is no other alternative.


PLM and Laban ng Masa will continue in this path of struggle to the future, no matter how difficult may be the challenges confronting us.  We are confident that, in the end, our vision and program will prevail.


We in Laban ng Masa eagerly look forward to the results of your Congress and we look forward to a continuation of our productive relationship.


Long live the solidarity between PLM and Laban ng Masa.


Walden Bello, National Chairman, Laban ng Masa


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