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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Saturday, 29 January 2011 14:28
The progressive movement and peoples of the Philippines stands in solidarity with the Egyptian
people and the mass movement in the streets in these critical moments in their struggle for the
ouster of the dictatorial Mubarak regime.  We salute them for their tremendous courage in
fighting a vicious regime, which has an infamous reputation for the brutality of its police and
security forces, that have been responsible for arbitrarily arresting and cruelly torturing
government opponents. We support the peoples message that Mubarak must go and that
the people no longer want his government and system.  We also salute the upsurge of the
Tunisian peoples in overthrowing the US backed dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on
January 14, and how their victory has electrified and inspired the people of Egypt and the
Middle East, while dictators shake with fear.


We stand with them in sorrow and anger at the deaths of protestors, ordinary people,
who have now become the martyrs of the movement. We note that the bullets that killed
them and the tear gas used against the protestors are financed by the United States, which
provides billions of dollars of funding to the Egyptian regime, for military equipment and
‘security’ purposes. Despite Washington’s rhetoric about democratic rights, the Mubarak
regime has been a key ally of the United States and has been propped up by the US for
decades. Mubarak, is Washington’s man in the region.


We understand the tremendous odds faced by the Egyptian people struggling in the streets
today. However, we also know, based on our own experience in ousting the Marcos
dictatorship in 1986, that peoples power can be victorious and prevail against the most
cruel regimes backed by the mightiest powers on earth, in this case the United States.


Revolutionary flames are sweeping across the Arab world. Yesterday Tunisia removed a
barbaric dictator. Today is for Egypt. Tomorrow is for Palestine and all those in the
Middle East struggling against dictatorships and exploitation and oppression.

Long live the revival of genuine peoples popular power in the Middle East!

Long live the revolution in the Middle East!




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