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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Saturday, 29 January 2011 14:34
Don’t imperil the peace talks!
Stop scapegoating the MILF for the bus bombing!
Comprehensive negotiated political solution for Bangsa Moro
self-determination and lasting peace!

The death tolls from the bus bombing in Makati last Tuesday (January 25) are

tragically rising as more victims succumb to their injuries. The Partido Lakas

ng Masa condemns this terrorist act that has harmed and killed innocent

civilians and calls for a thorough investigation and punishment of the




While now blaming international terrorist groups, Philippine intelligence sources

are trying to link up the bombing to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, having

previously accused them of masterminding the operation through a unit

allegedly called the MILF Special Operations Group. The MILF has

condemned the bombing, however, and has described the perpetrators as

‘soul-less’ people.


The attempt to implicate the MILF is of extreme concern as it will imperil the

fragile peace talks and the search for a lasting peace. Any stalling of the peace

talks will only encourage terrorist attacks by the rabid fundamentalist groups

who purport to struggle for Bangsa Moro self-determination. The only solution

to prevent and stop this terrorism is, in fact, the comprehensive settlement of

the Bangsa Moro right to self-determination. However, it seems that the peace

talks with the MILF are not moving forward, and according to MILF sources,

Bangsamoro leaders are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the possibility

of a successful negotiated political settlement.



We urge the Aquino government to address the substantive issues of self-

determination and not merely the symptoms of the problem. As long as genuine

Bangsa Moro self-determination is not granted, there can be no long-term peace

and this society will be torn apart by war and strife, as we see in the Middle East,

Afghanistan and Pakistan today. PLM warns that if the Bangsa Moro right to self-

determination is trifled with, it will result in the ‘Palestinianisation’ of the Moro

struggle in the Philippines and the region.



PLM therefore calls on the Aquino government to urgently move forward on the

peace negotiations, build confidence amongst the parties, and demonstrate its

sincerity and commitment to a comprehensive negotiated political settlement.



This will require taking the following measures:

·      Stop accusing the MILF of terrorist acts that they publicly disclaim and


·      Immediately release all Bangsamoro Political Prisoners in a show of good


·      Halt all military activities in Mindanao!

·      Start immediate negotiations with the MILF to begin withdrawing the AFP

from MILF areas!

·      Take every possible measure to fast-track a new Memorandum of

Understanding for a comprehensive settlement!

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