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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 15:01

A. Why the Partido Lakas ng Masa supports the “The Responsible

Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and

Development Act of 2011”

The Partido Lakas ng Masa stands for the promotion and advancement

of women and children’s health and the reproductive health and rights of women.

“The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and

Development Act of 2011”, contains important legislative measures, to

advance and promote women’s health and reproductive rights. This Act,

if passed, will especially benefit poor women who have to suffer the

consequences of unintended pregnancies, birth-related maternal deaths,

miscarriages and unsafe and dangerous abortion.


  • 54% of all pregnancies in the Philippines are unintended,
  • In 2008, there were 1.9 million unintended pregnancies,
  • 560,000 of these pregnancies ended in induced abortions,
  • 90,000 women were hospitalized because of abortion complications.
  • 1000 died from abortion complications,
  • 1,600 more died from births and miscarriages related to unwanted pregnancies,
  • Poor women and families have least access to family planning services,
  • 54% of women who do not use any method or form of contraception are poor.[1]


B. What is “The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health,

and Population and Development Act of 2011”?

Under the Act:


  • Modern family planning methods will be provided in all accredited
health facilities,
  • For poor women this will be free and fully subsidized by PhilHealth and
government financial assistance;
  • Family planning supplies and products shall be included in the regular
purchase of essential medicines and supplies of all hospitals;
  • LGUs will provide poor families preferential access to family planning services;
  • The number of midwives and skilled attendance will be increased to achieve
a minimum ratio of 1 full-time birth attendant for every 150 deliveries per year;
  • Emergency obstetric care will be upgraded and access improved for the
poor improved,
  • Mobile Health Care Services will be improved and each congressional
district will be provided with at least one Mobile Health Care Service van;
  • Reproductive health and sex education, including gender and

development and responsible relationships and parenthood topics, will be taught in

schools, by trained teachers through appropriate curricula, from Grade 5 to Fourth Year;

  • Employers must respect the reproductive rights of the workforce and will
provide paid, half-day, prenatal medical leave for each month of pregnancy of women workers;
  • Every individual’s right to information on the availability of reproductive
health services, including family planning and pre-natal care, will be guaranteed by the government.
  • Greater investment and prioritization of family planning and reproductive
health services through anti-poverty programs.


C. The Act can save poor women and children’s lives

If the Act is passed and implemented it will save lives. If all women use

modern contraceptive methods, for example, it will:

  • Reduce maternal death by 2,100 every year;
  • There will be 800,000 less unplanned births;
  • There will be 500,000 less induced abortions;
  • There will be 200,000 less miscarriages.


This is why the Partido Lakas ng Masa supports the “The Responsible

Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development Act of 2011”.

We call on our members to join the campaign to support the Act, to organize

activities to inform and educate the communities and the barangay councils,

and to join the mobilizations organized by RHAN and other women’s networks,

to support the passing of the legislation in the Congress and the Senate. The

facts show that this is the truly moral and the correct thing to do.

[1] The data has been obtained from Likhaan’s Policy Brief. Web source “Meeting Women’s Contraceptive Needs in the Philippines”.

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